shonDy is a high-performance 3D computational fluid dynamics software based on the Lagrangian approach. A general geometry CAD file can be used as an input data to start the simulation, while the complicated mesh generation is not required. More freedom of simulation can be obtained by breaking the restriction of mesh. In shonDy, the fluid and solid bodies can be discretized into moving elements, which allows for a complete coupling between the solid objects and all kinds of free surface flows. The main simulation functions of shonDy include the flow of viscous fluid, the fluid and solid interaction, heat convection and conduction, as well as the deformation of elastic bodies. shonDy has found wide applications in the engineering and industrial fields.

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In the field of energy technology, fluid dynamics has already become a cornerstone for the development of new products and the optimization of existing ones. The combination of heat and mass transfer with the ability to simulate free surface flows makes shonDy the simulation tool of choice for energy technology.


With the advent of new technologies such as hydrogen or new battery technologies, the automotive industry undergoes the biggest change. shonDy is used to improve existing combustion engines or gearboxes and to simulate manufacturing processes for modern batteries.


With the cutting-edge numerical simulation method as the core technology of shonDy, we are tightly bound with academic research. Currently, exciting fundamental fluid and solid dynamic problems are being investigated with shonDy.

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Sloshing in Large Scale Containers

Sloshing is a problem that cannot be ignored in engineering design, such as the layout of fuel tank suction points, the structural safety of LNG boats in waves, and the analysis of dynamic loads in liquid metal cooled reactors under seismic conditions. In a partially filled liquid container under dynamic conditions, the dynamic pressure generated by […]

Rotate it, gearbox!

shonDy is an innovative industry ready simulation technology for fluid solid interaction in the case of gearbox lubrication. The flow of oil driven by gears in a gearbox rotating at a high speed is a problem of the interaction between a rigid body and a fluid. In the design of gearboxes, the movement of lubricating oil […]

Car hit by water wave

In the scenario of a tsunami or flood, the vehicles may be hit by the water wave. shonDy can be applied to simulate the water wave which hits the car. The pressure field on the car surface can be obtained to estimate the potential damage on the car.

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