Sloshing of fluid in container

Sloshing refers to a common engineering problem. For example, in the design of a ship for the transportation of liquid natural gas, sloshing has to be taken into account. Another example is the containment water tank of modern GEN III nuclear reactors under seismic excitation. In this case, the impact force from the sloshing water to the containment building should be analyzed.

Lateral water sloshing in a rectangular container case is compared against the experiment by A. Souto-Iglesias et al. (2011). The pressure is obtained from the pressure sensor installed on the side wall of the container. The impact pressure on the wall varying with time is the subject of this study. The comparison shows simulation result reach a good agreement with the experimental data. In this kind of cases, the motion amplitude and frequency of the solid container is usually very big. In shonDy the user can simply provide the motion path of any solid object and the interaction with the fluid will automatically be calculated.

Comparison of wall impact pressure. Experiment vs simulation.

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