What is shonCloud

shonCloud is the web-interface to our shonDy fluid dynamics solver. It lets you access all your simulations in your web browser. You can setup, run and post-process all your simulations in shonCloud. To find out more information about shonCloud look here.

What is shonDy

shonDy is a computational fluid dynamics software.

What is the benefit of using shonCloud

  • We provide you all the high performance computing resources you need in the cloud. You don’t need to manage your own HPC infrastructure anymore
  • thanks to the meshless approach to fluid dynamics, you spend less time preparing your simulation and more time focusing on your engineering problems
  • shonCloud helps you solve problems in the area of free surface flows and interaction of flows with moving objects that traditional approaches just can not solve

How can I try shonCloud myself

Please feel free to contact us here:


Is there a desktop version of shonCloud

Yes. We also provide desktop applications of our innovative fluid dynamics software suite. We support Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.

What types of geometry files can be used

You can use any STL file in ASCII format. Remember that the geometry must specify a closed volume.

Can i export or download my data

Yes, you can always download all your projects. The simulation results are exported in our own open format, that is conform with the standard json format. This makes it easy for you to post process your data with the analysis tools of your choice. We also export all simulation results in the popular VTK format, so that you can visualize your simulation results with Paraview.