shonCloud is a web-based user interface for shonDy. It is easy for the user to access his simulations from anywhere and the interface makes the system user-friendly. Most importantly, installation, update, and license are not required anymore. You can open your simulation projects anywhere with any operating system. After creating your simulation project, you only need to click the play button, and the simulation will be executed in the cloud. Thus, the computing resources of your personal computer will not be occupied. Using remote high-performance computing clusters has never been easier.

To start your simulation with shonCloud, you only need to create an account by finishing the registration. After logging into the system, you can see your dashboard. In the dashboard, you can either create a new simulation project or manage your existing projects. After creating a new project, you need to give a name to the project. Then, you can start the user input, including geometry file upload, setting of the fluid thermal properties, control data, post processing configuration, and so on. When all the user inputs are finished, you can submit the project to be computed in the cloud.