Car hit by water wave

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In the scenario of a tsunami or flood, the vehicles may be hit by the water wave. shonDy can be applied to simulate the water wave which hits the car. The pressure field on the car surface can be obtained to estimate the potential damage on the car.


Core catcher | molten corium relocation

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During the severe accident in the nuclear power plant, the reactor core will melt due to the decay heat. In the late phase, the molten core material starts to relocate to the lower head of reactor pressure vessel (RPV). After the RPV wall is melted through, the molten corium can be diluted by a sacrificial material and then spreads to the cooling compartment. During the relocation of the molten material, the decay heat is transported with the corium material. One of the key phenomena is the process of phase change between solid as well as the liquid state of different involved materials.

Here is a simulation result of the hypothetical accident scenario achieved with shonDy:

The boundary conditions used for this case reveal the massive size.

Boundary conditions for melt spreading simulation.



Sloshing of fluid in container

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Sloshing refers to a common engineering problem. For example, in the design of a ship for the transportation of liquid natural gas, sloshing has to be taken into account. Another example is the containment water tank of modern GEN III nuclear reactors under seismic excitation. In this case, the impact force from the sloshing water to the containment building should be analyzed.