shonDy is a high-performance 3D computational fluid dynamics software based on the Lagrangian approach. A general geometry CAD file can be used as an input data to start the simulation, while the complicated mesh generation is not required. More freedom of simulation can be obtained by breaking the restriction of mesh. In shonDy, the fluid and solid bodies can be discretized into the moving element, which allows for a complete coupling between the solid objects and all kinds of free surface flows. The main simulation functions of the code include the flow of viscous fluid, the fluid and solid interaction, heat convection and conduction, as well as the deformation of elastic bodies. The code has a wide potential application in the engineering and industrial fields.

The application fields
The code can be applied to multiple fields, such as energy system, turbo machinery, ship and marine, manufacturing, and health technology.

This is an innovative technology. We expect to cooperate with you to improve your products with the simulation technology.

The advantage of meshless CFD
shonDy is a meshless CFD code which can import complex geometries from CAD files directly. Meanwhile, the simulation can be started easily through the specification of boundary conditions and material properties. In general, the generation of mesh with traditional mesh technology takes 70% of the working time. By contrast, a meshless CFD technology can speed up the research and design of your products.

shonCloud is a web-based user interface for shonDy. Run your simulations in the cloud without the hassle of software installation, licences and updating processes. Read more about shonCloud.

Main features of shonDy
shonDy can be applied to solve the following problems:
(1) Flow of viscous and inviscid fluid
(2) Free surface flow with splashing
(3) Fluid-rigid solid interaction
(4) Free motion solid body, rotating body, and user specified moving path body
(5) Heat transfer, melting, and solidification
(6) Multi-phase flow
(7) Surface tension
(8) Hybrid parallel computation
Here is a short video for shonDy in action:


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